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Curtains, Poles & Tracks

Windows come in all shapes and sizes, which makes finding the right curtains to dress them a difficult and important task. Booths have a comprehensive selection of beautiful fabrics and made-to-measure curtain ranges to choose from, to provide the perfect finish to your home.

Curtains are not only important for privacy, they also set the tone of your living room, bedroom or kitchen, adding the cosiness and ambience, so picking the right colours and style is important.

We work with the best curtain manufacturers and brands, including Harlequin, Romo, Villa Nova, Clarke & Clarke, Voyage, Sandersons, Wemyss, GP & J Baker, and Ashley Wilde, among others, to provide the best quality and value for money.

Once you have picked your curtains, you may want to consider a new curtain pole or track to hang them from and complete the look. We have a beautiful range of metal and wooden poles, as well as heavy duty and electric track systems, in a range of shapes and sizes to fit any window.

Our curtain poles and tracks are made from the highest quality materials by the best manufacturers, including Silent Gliss, Integra, Swish, Byron & Byron, Cameron Fuller and Neo, all of which are available to view in our showroom.

Please feel free to contact Harriet Booth to discuss any window treatment help and advice that you need.